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Republic Bank (EC) Ltd joins the Battle Against COVID-19 in the OECS

Republic Bank (EC) Ltd joins the Battle Against COVID-19 in the OECS

OECS Media Release

The world as we knew it will never be the same.  Facilitating a thriving business environment in the OECS beyond COVID-19 will call for a complete shift in the way banking and financial institutions operate.  Regional financial giant, Republic Bank (EC) Limited, through its Managing Director, Ms. Michelle Palmer-Keizer, said it stands ready to adjust its sails and maintain agility in service delivery:


“Republic Bank has always held the well-being of our customers and our communities as our primary focus. As the circumstances around the pandemic unfold, we will continue to assess our responses to ensure that the best interests of our customers, staff and communities continue to be served.

The remarks were made following the official signing of a Partnership Agreement between the OECS and Republic Bank (EC) Limited in response to the pandemic. The bank contributed a total amount of US$200,000.00 for the purpose of:

  1. Purchasing a supply of Interferon Alfa-2B, which is one of the medications administered for the treatment of COVID-19.  The medication will be distributed among nine (9) OECS Member States; and

  2. Delivery of a strategic communications campaign around COVID-19.

Republic Bank (EC) Limited is one of ten banks owned by the Republic Bank Financial Holdings, a legendary financial institution within the wider Eastern Caribbean. Its almost 200-year-old footprint has cemented a growth strategy that is supported by comprehensive and innovative social investment programmes and initiatives, bringing direct benefits to citizens of the Eastern Caribbean.

OECS Director General, Dr. Didacus Jules expressed gratitude to Republic Bank (EC) Limited on behalf of OECS Member States, and further stated that he looked forward to continued partnership with the financial institution on matters that will stimulate economic growth and development in the OECS:

“We are heartened not only by Republic Bank’s expression of corporate responsibility by being all in with the battle against COVID-19 but also with its stated intent of joining the OECS in its thrust to fuel entrepreneurship and innovation.”  

Managing Director, Ms. Michelle Palmer-Keizer congratulated the OECS for the bold step in spearheading a coordinated regional response to the pandemic, and explained the rationale for this partnership lies in the shared values of social corporate responsibility, with people at its core:

“Working with other socially responsible organisations to do good within the communities we serve is part of our philosophy, it’s an essential element of who we are. We understand that we have a responsibility to assist not only with the immediate relief efforts but also with longer-term efforts to rebuild our businesses, our communities and our lives.” 

Ms. Palmer-Keizer went on to encourage the regional private sector to lend support to the OECS’ COVID-19 Response:

“We are facing an unprecedented situation in managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which calls for an equally unprecedented show of unity in support of our region’s response to the pandemic. We hope to see more of our peers, in the private sector, join in the immediate fight against the spread of the virus and in the rebuilding efforts that will be required in its aftermath.”

Further information on how private sector companies can support the OECS’s COVID-19 Response can be obtained by contacting the Development Cooperation and Resource Mobilisation Unit at the OECS, via telephone 1-758-455-6354 or through email at

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