Your Caribbean Nation medical mission acquired medications for Dominica valued over US1 million

Your Caribbean Nation medical mission acquired medications for Dominica valued over US1 million

Statement from Your Caribbean Nation (YCN)

Friday, October 27, 2017 — Your Caribbean Nation (YCN) is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to assisting the Caribbean through Medical Missions as a result of natural disasters. The medical team is scheduled to arrive in Dominica on October 28th through November 4th to provide much needed healthcare services and medication.

The current focus of the group is to bring licensed medical personnel to diagnose and treat individuals, and transport life-saving medication to Dominica. The Organisation conducted their 1st trip on September 30th to October 7th. During that time, a team of 32 health professionals saw over 800 patients in 32 villages and transported over 40,000 medical supplies. After realizing the ongoing needs, they decided to continue the initiative. 

This current mission has 14 medical personnel including doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, a firefighter and a first responder. Areas of specialities include:

  1. Critical Care
  2. Dialysis
  3. Trauma
  4. Medical/Surgical 4
  6. Emergency Response 

In addition to their missions, YCN is working on ongoing shipments of medication, medical equipment and medical supplies. The medications donations totalling a value of US $1,162 843.79 will be sent to Dominica once funding for shipping is allocated.The vast majority of patients were being treated at mobile clinics, which were very effective for individuals unable to access healthcare facilities.

The Organisation is raising funds towards the purchase of at least one Mobile Clinic Van (MCV) to be donated to Dominica with an ultimate goal of having four MCVs available to service district areas such as Marigot-NE, Portsmouth-NW, Roseau-SW, and La Plaine-SE. The MCVs would provide free healthcare to the citizens of Dominica by treating and delivering prescribed medications at the same time of their visit. Not only would the MCVs allow for the servicing of more persons but they would provide employment for local healthcare staff as well as help overseas volunteer healthcare providers efficiently deliver care for the citizens of Dominica.

YCN has been in contact with investors who are interested in assisting in rebuilding the hurricane-proof hospitals and need the correct point of contacts to help facilitate this project. The investors are informed about the Roseau, Portsmouth and Marigot hospital status. They are very eager to be involved with the government to help facilitate the needs of the country.

The Organisation also proposed to add a minor emergency center in the southeastern district, near the River Cyrique area. The closest access to care for the southeastern district is at the Princess Margaret Hospital located in the capital city of Roseau which is a significant and hindering distance away for most.

If you are willing to assist, YCN comprises of four board members:

  1. Dr. Anne-Marie Johnrose-Brown - Board Medical Director
    Contact: (917)225-5692

  2. Tasha Roberts, MS, APRN, AGACNP-BC - Founder and President 
    Contact: 713-530-4876

  3. Shanita Scotland, RN-CLNC - Board Director
    Contact: 917-373-9767

  4. Sandy Bellot - Board Project Manager
    Contact: 281-788-3519



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