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OECS Ministers of Tourism Convene on 2019 priorities for the region

OECS Ministers of Tourism Convene on 2019 priorities for the region

OECS Media Release

The OECS Tourism sector has been given a strategic boost at the recent meeting of The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Ministers of Tourism and their technical staff meeting.


Recognizing the tourism sector as a key economic driver, the OECS Commission’s Tourism Work Plan was endorsed with key initiatives approved including the Tourism Brand Perception Survey, Tourism Competitiveness Index and the Tourism Enterprise Support programme including activities for Community Tourism and Small Properties engagement.

A commitment was also made to enhance joint tourism marketing and promotion and to establish modalities for greater community participation in the OECS tourism product.

OECS Head of Economic Affairs (OIC), Mrs. Jacqueline Emmanuel-Flood reiterated the importance of the Ministerial Meetings to keep driving strategic decisions designed for the ultimate benefit of all citizens through increased economic activity. 

“Tourism continues to be a key economic driver for the OECS region and these Ministerial meetings are of the utmost importance in providing the mandate for the OECS Commission to pursue its common tourism objectives." said Mrs. Emmanuel-Flood.

The meeting was chaired by Hon. Cardigan Connor, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Anguilla.

The two main discussion items were the OECS Tourism Work Programme and the OECS Commission collaboration with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Other matters discussed included OECS presence at Beijing Expo 2019 and the OECS Commission alliances with international governments.

Hon. Cardigan Connor expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting.

"It is important for the OECS Tourism Ministers to continue to dialogue on a regular basis, as the industry we are responsibility for is a dynamic one.

“We need to enhance the competitiveness of the OECS Tourism product and we look to the OECS Commission to take the lead on critical issues impacting our region” said Hon. Connor.

The meeting was held in in Jamaica on Monday January 28 2019, 2019 ahead of the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association’s Caribbean Travel Marketplace.

The next OECS Council of Ministers: Tourism meeting is a virtual meeting planned for March 2019. Members States and the OECS Commission agreed to increased the one-on-one dialogue in between meetings.

   This story aligns with OECS Strategic Objective No.1: Advance, support and accelerate regional trade, economic and social integration.
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