New OECS Animation Series Launched

New OECS Animation Series Launched

OECS Media Release

Friday, March 31, 2017 — As a continuation of its public education initiative on regional integration, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) has launched a four-part animated series on the OECS Economic Union. The series, funded by the 10th European Development Fund (EDF), seeks to provide clarity on matters of trade, free movement and the role of the OECS Commission in the regional integration process. 

The short animations address frequently asked questions on the free movement of people, goods and services throughout the region. The series also shares information on the background and functions of the Organisation in a format that can be understood by all, especially youth.

Director General of the OECS, Dr. Didacus Jules, welcomes this approach to information sharing that seeks to connect with the average citizen. Dr. Jules said that the launch of the animation series is timely as the push for integration among OECS Member States grows in strength.

“People are at the heart of the regional integration process. Successful integration must therefore involve citizen engagement and active participation in the benefits that the Union affords,” Dr. Jules said.

Dr. Jules also hopes that the dynamic and colourful format in which the animations are presented will encourage its adoption in schools across the OECS.

The Public Education Animation Series is aimed at educating and informing the populace of the OECS on the social, economic and political benefits of Regional Integration. The series is funded by the European Union through its 10th EDF programme on Economic Integration and Trade of the OECS region. 

To view the complete animation series, in English and French, please visit the following link:


OECS Economic Union Animated Series: Episode 1