Invitation to World Water Day Webinar

Invitation to World Water Day Webinar

Organiser: International Water Resources Association (IWRA)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 — The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States invites you to join a live webinar in celebration of World Water Day, March 22 at 10:00am EST. The webinar is presented by the International Water Resources Association and features leading experts in the field, providing a synthesis of the critical facts and arguments needed to help the audience understand and discuss water policy.  It is designed to reach academics, dedicated practitioners, and policy professionals in a unique and informative way.

Date and Time: March 22: 10:00 a.m.
Moderator:  Scott McKenzie, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia (Canada)

Panel:  Pritha Hariram (Manager, Water Supply & Sanitation Services, International Water Association) John Payne (Consultant, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, World Water Development Report), Gabriel Eckstein (Professor, Law Department, Texas A&M University), Matthijs Wessels (Junior Member, Scientific Programme Committee, World Water Week 2017), Hannah Leckie (Policy Analyst, Water Team, OECD).
Under the theme “World Water Day 2017 – Wastewater” the webinar addresses this fascinating topic by bringing together IWRA and its members, leading academics, and policy specialists to discuss this year's fundamental theme on Wastewater. 


Main topics of this webinar include:

  • Launch of the 2017 World Water Development Report (WWDR) on 'Wastewater: The untapped resource', highlighting the linkages between wastewater and industry
  • Understanding the urban-rural relationship in water reuse for irrigated agriculture
  • Emerging threats posed by pharmaceuticals wastes and pollutants in the aquatic environment
  • Water utilities’ role in managing wastewater
  • Release of an upcoming OECD report on policy solutions to diffuse pollution sources in wastewater


World Water Day is celebrated every year on March 22 and serves as a day to focus attention on the key importance of our planet's freshwater resources and to push for greater recognition of their sustainable management.  Each year’s theme is proposed by UN-Water and is part of a broader campaign that highlights the complex role of water in our daily lives.  World Water Day is a crucial opportunity to reflect and act.

Recordings and presentations will be available at and IWRA’s YouTube channel.

Participation is free and open to all. Audience questions are encouraged.

Register now at the link below:

World Water Day 2017: Why waste water? (Video compliments UN Water)