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Dominica Featured Among "COVID-19: Top 15 Best Recovering Countries Worldwide"

Dominica Featured Among "COVID-19: Top 15 Best Recovering Countries Worldwide"

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020 — In a recent article published by, the OECS Member State of Dominica was singled out as the top performer in Covid-19 recoveries for the Americas, with Barbados coming in second and Uruguay in third position.

Using Time Series Data Analysis, the online journal looked at Covid-19 data analytics to identify which countries are close to a full recovery.

This was done by breaking down the analysis by each major region of the world; Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Under each region category you will find listed the top 3 Covid-19 recovery countries with the best performance.

Country performance is rated on an Activepercent sum scale of 0 to 100; a rating of 0 indicating the location being completely free of the virus and a rating of 100, the highest possible score in terms of impact severity indicating that the location is critically affected by the virus.

The online journal noted that, although a second wave of the Covid-19 Coronavirus is a possibility, for now the 15 highlighted countries are showing the best results and hope.

Top performing Covid-19 recovery countries in the Americas:


A small island nation with a population of only 71,986 citizens, Dominica joins the list of Covid-19 recovery countries as it has been successful in nipping the virus in the bud by maintaining the confirmed cases number below the mark of 20 as of 14th June 2020.

Dominica – Covid-19 Data Analytics
Dominica – Covid-19 Data Analytics

Even though the Covid-19 data analytics graph shows a minor upward spike of the Activecases indicator at the beginning of June with an addition of plus 1 case – the number of active cases has remained low and have continued to decrease for the past two months scoring a low Activepercent sum of 14 points. The current status of the virus in the country as demonstrated in the graph shows a count of 16 Recovered cases, no Deaths and 2 Activecases.


The Eastern Caribbean country with sky blue beaches is another island nation that has managed to curb the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus before it reached staggering numbers.

Barbados – Covid-19 Data Analytics
Barbados – Covid-19 Data Analytics

The country maintains an Activepercent sum of 11 which is expected to lower as the country follows its trajectory of falling Activecases. As of 15th of June 2020, out of the 96 number of confirmed cases the graph reports 83 Recovered cases, 7 Deaths and 6 Activecases in total.


The Latin American nation was recently in the news for its touching gesture of turning its closed down Carrasco International airport into a drive-in cinema for citizens to enjoy a fun social distancing movie night in the comfort of their own vehicle.

Despite being one of the countries with a less stern approach to mitigating the virus, Uruguay continues to make strides in the right direction and is on the path of improvement.

Uruguay – Covid-19 Data Analytics
Uruguay – Covid-19 Data Analytics

With an Activepercent sum of 13, Uruguay shows to be one of the better performing countries in the Americas region. The Covid-19 data analytics graph demonstrates the country’s increasingly well performing progress with Activecases falling to 40, 784 Recovered patients and a 23 Death count.

View the complete article to see results for Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania!


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