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Digicel responds positively to OECS Clarion Call in COVID-19 Fight

Digicel responds positively to OECS Clarion Call in COVID-19 Fight

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May 26, 2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic has made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) essential for frontline workers.  The price of PPEs have increased with the global demand since the virus was declared a pandemic in March 2020, putting an additional financial burden on the small economies of the Eastern Caribbean.  

The OECS Commission believes that everyone has a part to play in the fight against COVID-19.  As part of its private sector engagement, the OECS is pleased to announce its partnership with telecommunications provider Digicel.  Digicel readily answered the call to action, recognizing the importance and needs of Member States of the OECS with a contribution of US$140, 000. 

Director General of the OECS Commission said the OECS has been fortunate to have been spared the worst of the pandemic but cautions against falling into complacency.

“In facing this disaster, we have tried to be ready. We thank Digicel for its contribution towards the COVID response mechanism of the OECS.  Our primary focus right now is on pooled procurement of supplies and equipment that will go a long way in ensuring continued containment and facilitate the systematic re-commencement of economic activity in the OECS.”

The Digicel team willingly assisted the OECS to source additional resources by mobilizing its partners.  This allowed the OECS Commission to establish a connection with a new PPE supplier that provides options for high-quality medical equipment and supplies. Digicel provided US$100, 000 to obtain the much-needed PPEs.  

Digicel’s partnership extends beyond helping the OECS Commission acquire equipment.  As a corporation centred on giving, Digicel is ensuring that OECS communications in the education sector is reaching its target audience during these challenging times.  The company granted an in-kind contribution of US$40, 000 to market educational content and messages through radio, television, and via Digicel’s SMS and social media platforms. The content from OECS’ Education Development Management Unit (EDMU) includes support for parents/guardians, students, teachers and principals. 

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CEO of Digicel Saint Lucia, Sioban James-Alexander, said Digicel is pleased to be part of this worthwhile effort.  

“The time has come for corporate entities to assist worthwhile endeavours that will help in the fight against this disease. And that is why Digicel has thrown its support behind the OECS Partnership against COVID-19 initiative.”

Regional and international institutions and agencies interested in pledging support to the ongoing OECS’ COVID-19 Response should contact the Development Cooperation and Resource Mobilisation Unit at the OECS, via telephone 1-758-455-6354 or through email at

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