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Caribbean NDC Revision: Where Are We? Experience Exchange Session

Caribbean NDC Revision: Where Are We? Experience Exchange Session

Invitation to participate on Thursday, 23 July!

As part of the OECS Environmental Webinar Series, the Caribbean NDC Finance Initiative (NDCFI) will host a virtual event entitled: “Caribbean NDC Revision: Where Are We? Experience Exchange Session” on Thursday, 23rd July 2020.

Countries party to the Paris Agreement are to “prepare, communicate and maintain successive nationally determined contributions” (NDCs). Furthermore, “Each Party’s successive nationally determined contribution will represent a progression beyond the Party’s then-current nationally determined contribution and reflect its highest possible ambition…

Caribbean countries party to the historic 2015 climate agreement are at various stages in the preparation of their second NDCs, with some yet to substantially start and others nearing, or at, completion.

In an effort to stay abreast of, and support, the regional NDC revision process, the Caribbean NDC Finance Initiative (NDCFI), the NDC Partnership, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the World Bank will host a Country-Partner Exchange Session entitled “Caribbean NDC Revision – Where Are We?”


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Event Objectives

Join us on Thursday 23rd July 2020, from 10 to 11:45 a.m. AST as we:

  • Allow a number of Caribbean states to report on their progress and experiences in the revision of their respective NDCs
  • Obtain an indication of what will be contained in the new NDCs, in terms of, for example, levels of ambition and inclusion of new sectors
  • Facilitate sharing of lessons on challenges and best practice which may be of benefit to countries that are less advanced in the revision process or for future NDCs
  • Provide stakeholders and prospective partners with an indication of the needs and opportunities for engagement and support that will be required to successfully implement the new NDCs.
  • Allow Development Partners to share experiences and areas of potential support available to countries for revision and implementation activities. 

Target Audience

The exchange session is targeted at Caribbean Climate/NDC Focal Points, other concerned government and statutory agencies, national climate negotiators, private sector and civil society stakeholders and potential investors and development partners.


Caribbean NDC Revision: Where Are We? Experience Exchange Session

Thursday 23rd July 2020 │ 10:00 – 11:45 am (Eastern Caribbean time)



About the NDCFI:

The Caribbean NDC Finance Initiative (NDCFI) was established in 2017 by the OECS Commission and the Government of Saint Lucia with the support of the UNFCCC, under the auspices of the NDC Partnership and with financial support from GIZ.


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