Antigua Sailing Week - Youth to Keelboat Race Day 3

Antigua Sailing Week - Youth to Keelboat Race Day 3

Media Release by Antigua Sailing Week

Thursday, May 3, 2018 — 1 team from Antigua, 1 team from London. Their one common goal...becoming better sailors. ​

The endless blue shades of Antigua's waters be like the action that played out on them today. These little blue boats are each carrying crew of young men at the start of their sailing careers. One crew from Antigua and one from downtown London from vastly different backgrounds. They have been thrown together this week to reach the common goal of becoming better sailors. 

Jules Mitchell (Skipper, NSA Spirit) stated "It’s been a really cool experience having them here; like we swapped a few stories and where they come from and how lifestyle is here and how lifestyle is over there and we’ve been helping them with local knowledge and boat techniques and boat handling. I see this as a career path because it’s doing what I love while also making a living so working won’t feel like working because it what I love doing.We use the cue boat today and we are gonna go out and we’re gonna  try and get that bullet because it’s  our day.”

The great thing about youth taquille is that it offers young sailors the opportunity to learn from their peers as well as take home great memories.

Youth 2 Keel Boat (Y2K) Race Day 3

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Trish Jenkins International Press Officer