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Antigua Open for Business

Antigua Open for Business

Media Release Courtesy Caribbean Travel Update

Antigua is back to offering world-class excursions and adventures. Tour operators, restaurants and bars have re-opened following Hurricane Irma including popular beach establishments such as Beach Limers, Coconut Grove, Sheer Rocks, Turners, Darkwood Beach Bar and Restaurant, Trappas, Le Bistro, and the over 150 dining options to choose from in Antigua. 

Antigua was impacted minimally and the V.C. Bird International Airport has been open since 7 September.

On the other hand, Barbuda, with its approximately 1,800 residents, was severely impacted by the hurricane which passed directly over the small island. Prime Minister, Gaston Browne said 90 percent of homes were destroyed. Barbuda’s hotel infrastructure was also damaged, but with less than 100 hotel rooms the overall effect on tourism as a whole is minimal.

Updates from individual hotels on Antigua are as follows:

  • Blue Waters: ​Staff and guests are safe. The island & Hotel escaped severe damages, they are currently doing full assessments.
  • Carlisle Bay: ​Was closed for the season. No significant damage. Will reopen October 15.
  • Cocobay​ ​Resort:​ ​Open for business
  • Cocos​ ​Hotel:​ ​No long term damages
  • Copper​ ​and​ ​Lumber​ ​Store​ ​Hotel:​ ​Open for business.
  • Curtain Bluff: ​Property emerged from the tail of the storm without any damage. Most importantly, all our staff and their families are unharmed. We have already begun to clean up the property and communications will soon be restored. Reopen on October 28 as previously planned.
  • Galley Bay: ​We wish to inform everyone that the guests are doing just fine and are safe. Galley Bay Resort and Spa will complete an in-depth assessment of the property on September 21 and
    then advise if they are ready to begin accepting guests.
  • Hermitage Bay: ​Little water logged from the swells which came up but other than that we are fine.  
  • Jumby Bay Island: Members of the Jumby Bay Island team have assessed the island and at present there is no structural damage to any of the resort or homes that we can identify. A landscaping clean-up will need to be done however this is the extent that can be seen. Jumby Bay Island is currently closed as part of its annual maintenance program and therefore no guests were on the island when Hurricane Irma passed. Jumby Bay Island did have a skeleton team of facility and security staff present throughout the storm. The reopening remains scheduled as planned for 9th October 2017.  
  • Keyonna Beach Resort: ​Happy to share we have no long term damages.
  •  Ocean​ ​Point​ ​Resort​ ​and​ ​Spa:​ ​No severe Damage. Open for business
  • Pineapple Beach Club: ​We wish to inform everyone that the guests are doing just fine and are safe. Scheduled to begin receiving guests on September 14th.
  • Sandals Antigua: ​Superficial damage. Will remain closed through previously scheduled date of December 20.
  • Siboney Beach Club: ​Back to business as usual.

  • South Point Antigua: Closed for the season

  • St. James Club: ​We wish to inform everyone that the guests are doing just fine and are safe. Scheduled to begin receiving guests on September 14th.

  • Tradewinds Hotel: ​Staff and guests are safe and secure. Some damages. Most services have resumed.
  • Verandah: Will reopen as scheduled on 14 October after renovations.
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